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"PK Works will bring your meetings and events to the next level.  The number of incredibly favorable comments we received at our Gala event can be credited to Pam and her team. She is easy to work with, extremely organized and will exceed your expectations. We highly recommend Pamela Kettle and her team."

Bob Williams

Founder & CEO

Ranch Hands Rescue

Pamela Kettle

Executive Producer


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We are always baffled by production companies that go on and on about their experience, their capabilities, their awards - as if the story were all about them.  


The way we see it, it's all about YOU:   what makes you and your team look good.  


What engages your audience.


What makes your project successful.  


You're the whole reason we are in business.  And when you team with PK Works, our size, standards, personality, agility, creativity, capabilities, every single thing going for us...




Most people in the world are either big picture types or bean counters.  At PK Works,  we have one foot in each camp.


Whether we are producing a comprehensive digital project or LIVE large scale event, we're able to manage a thousand splendid little gritty details without losing sight of the overall vision.

Because this isn't some fun and games exercise, Every choice we make is designed to move your business forward -- give your strategy traction.  


So in the end, all the elements come together flawlessly and fully integrated for maximum effect.


Emmy's, Telly's, Katie's -- we've won them all for our television programs, videos and film projects.  


We'd love to bring your vision to life on your next media project so give us a call.  

Documentaries, marketing videos, social media videos, television series, etc...

TV Series Wild About Barns

Voted “Best Equestrian TV Series”
at 2015 Equus Film Festival & Equus International Film Festival



With every project we take on, we do the homework, the leg work, the hard work to guarantee its success.  And in doing all that, we lay the grounwork, for an ongoing relationship.  


Nothing is more important to us than your trust, respect and satisfaction.  


The fact that we do so much repeat business is proof that when you partner with PK Works, everything works to your advantage.

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