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Team Works

When you commit weeks, even months to a project to a project that is important to your business, you

want to work with an experienced team. And, you want it to be a great working experience.  With PK Works!, that's what you will get:  a group of people with incredible talent and skill who are also smart,

funny, likable, witty and capable.  We've worked together for more than 25 years.  So, no need to worry about hassles, meltdowns or messy scenes.  We are all grown ups here.  And we do whatever it takes to make the process and your project great.


Pamela Kettle

President, Executive Producer


Mark Angelo

Audio Engineer

"Show time"

Kurt Dickey

Technical Director

"Okey Dokey"

Fred Bartzen

Director of Photography

"No problem Gina"

Scott Lumley

Graphic Designer

"Cool man"

Carlos Haney

Director of Photography / Editor

"Beach time yet?"

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